Thoughts of Nubbs

My spelling sucks,deal with it

Lets get this started

Ramblings of a middle aged guy who never wants to grow up

Fair warning to all before reading any further. I say Fuck a lot; I spell at the level of an 8th grader on a good day. To say I a grammatically challenged would be an understatement. To say I am an opinionate person would also be an understatement. If any of this would bother you please do not read any further.

I tend to speak what is on my mind and deal with the consequence of hurt feelings after what I have to say it out there in the open. I try not to mince my words and feel that political correctness is bull shit in most cases. I do not understand why it falls on us to be mindful of how others react to what we say. After all it is my personal opinion and as long as I am not oppressing yours than it is your responsibility to not take what other say so fucking serious.

I grew up in a working class family in Chicago and transplanted to the Northern Virginia area about 10 years ago, talk about culture shock. It’s almost like polar opposites of the humanity spectrum at times. I was going to be here 2-3 years and then set out to find the next place to live, that got derailed by many things, all of which I am grateful for. Growing up I was taught to work hard for everything you have and to treat people right. Mind you, sometimes treating people right is telling them the truth, which could hurt them a bit at first but is much better in the long run.

What you might read about should you decide to stick around; my distain for piss poor customer service, entitled ass holes, travel, concerts, photography, cycling and any number of other things that I feel might be worth rambling about. But for christ sake what you should not do is take anything I write to serious as it is just the random thoughts of one person. I have no intentions of changing anybody’s opinions or making the world a better place. I just want to write and vent.