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Snow(Cold) Day Rant

As I write this it is 45 degrees with on and off mist of moisture in the air here in Herndon, Va.  Just in case you missed that, it is January 6th and is 45 degrees.   Yet 3 school districts in the area have closed because it is going to drop into the teens over 12 hours from now. Many more school districts have reported that they will close school tomorrow because it will be a low of 10 degrees. I don’t want to turn this into a “back when I was a kid rant” but for fuck sake what type of example are the schools in the area setting for kids when they close because it will be cold in a few hours or is going to be cold tomorrow.  The forecast shows that at 3pm it will still be in the upper 30s.  This goes beyond them closing down the government, schools and everything else because we are getting less than an inch of snow. It is 45 degrees and school is closed...No wonder we have a generation of people that feel they are entitled to everything they want.  Schools are not teaching kids to overcome adverse conditions. Instead they are teaching them that when things get a little rough we will make it easy on you because that how the real world work.  As one of my friends so eloquently put it, "Don’t let little Billy stand out in the cold! He may grow a beard and a pair of balls and become a man!!" News flash to everybody, it fucking winter, it gets cold in the winter this is why they sell winter coats and long johns.  If they closed school every time there was a low of 10 degree in Alaska or North Dakota or any of the number of other cities or states that are happy to see a high of 10 degrees the kids would never go to school. Yes I had life a lot easier than my parents and my parents had it easier than theirs. I understand that this is a natural progression but at what point to we put a stop to it and stop coddling people. I know I am not the only person that had to work through adverse conditions and figure out how to get shit done. I am also not the only person who had to dress for the cold and prepare to be outside to wait for the bus every day.   I am grateful now for the cold Chicago mornings waiting for the bus because it taught me responsibility and how to look at the weather forecast! Noble thought of preparing in advance for what is to come, god forbid we teach kids to prepare for anything.  The message being sent by closing schools when it is cold is long lasting.  I see it all the time, I can’t come to work because it is raining, snowing, to cold out.  Employees not showing up to work for any number of bullshit reasons because in my opinion they have been programmed to make excuses from a young age. Pusification of a nation is a great title for this behavior.

Some people are going to say “You don’t have kids and if you did you would feel different about sending them out in the cold” Yeah……No I wouldn’t and the fact that I do not have kids I feel puts me in a better spot to be open minded and see the whole picture. I am not jaded by the fact my little precious off spring has to suffer in the cold. My parents didn’t feel bad when they told me I had to go stand in the cold to get to school or that I should look at the weather the night before so I was better prepared for my commute the next morning. They told me to make sure I dressed warm.  This is one of the lessons I bitched about nonstop when I was in high school yet learned to love when I got older.

Others have told me that they don’t want their kids going to school when it’s this cold out because they could slip and fall on the ice and might get hurt.  Are you fucking kidding me! If that’s the case you should wrap your kid in bubble wrap and lock them in their room. Also I hope you understand that ice forms at 32 degree and the logic for this argument would mean your kids are not allowed to leave the house for most of the month of January and February. I could go on and on about this as it really strikes a nerve for me but I will leave it at I am grateful that my parents didn’t coddle me and try to protect me for anything bad that could happen. As for those who make the decisions to close schools at the first sign of any adverse weather. Thank you for doing your part in shaping a generation of entitled assholes who expect to skate through life without ever having to man up and deal with anything outside their narrow comfort zone.