Thoughts of Nubbs

My spelling sucks,deal with it

This is going to piss off the once a year romantics.

I fucking hate Valentines day. If you need corporate America to remind you once a year that you should do something special for your loved one than let me break it to you easily. YOU SUCK AT RELATIONSHIPS!!!! Every day I wake up I kiss my wife good bye and tell her I love her. Honestly, I do not know that a day has gone buy in the past 5 years that we haven't told each other "I love You". We go on dates at least once a month if not more. I do not need commercials and flower companies and co workers telling me I am a bad husband because I didn't buy her flowers or take her to some fancy dinner on Feb 14th.  I have never in 5 years bought my wife flowers why the hell would I start now?  I'm glade everybody thinks they know what my wife wants when they are telling me I need to go buy her flowers and diamonds.

Better yet I heard a radio commercial yesterday that stated "Just because she said No she doesn't want flowers doesn't mean she meant it."  Sorry , That logic doesn't work for me.  I thought No meant No. Stop guilting men into doing stuff that they would normally not do. All it is doing is setting up woman for disappointment when the guys do absolutely nothing for the other 364 days of the year.

Now onto the asshole whole also made Feb 14th Singles Awareness Day (SAD).  If I find out who you are I am going to kick you so hard you will never be able to reproduce, Why because the world would be a better place without people like you thinking that singles need and awareness day especially on the day Corporate America has turned into a circus of momentary commercial love.   For me personally I loved being single, It was some of the best years of my life. I never wanted anybody to feel bad for me because I was single. But for others it is hard being single. Partially because of the circus Feb 14th has turned into. More so because society seems to label people who choose to be single as some type of failure.  Maybe people are not single by choice. Maybe their loved one stepped out on them, maybe they passed away. Maybe they celebrated valentines day every year with their loved one who just passed and now you are reminding them that they should be SAD because they are single. Have some fucking compassion for the people who are not single by choice and stop fucking labeling them!

Before I get flamed by everybody who lives for valentines day!  I don't care that you celebrate it, I care if it is the only day of the year you do something special with your loved one. I care more if you judge others who choose not to celebrate it, I fucking loath you if you label the singles who very well might want to celebrate it but can not for any number of reasons.

If you do go out tonight please make sure to tip your wait staff well.  They after all are working to make your night special.