Thoughts of Nubbs

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"Give me the beat boys and free my soul"

If you follow my blog long enough you will see certain trends.  Travel, Photography, Rants and Music especially live music.  I have loved all types of music for as long as I can remember.  Yes even country to my wife dismay. There just seems to be something about it that makes people happy and helps them to escape the humdrum bullshit of everyday life. 


For me the true love of music started when I was about 10 years old and I decided to pick up the trumpet and join the school band.  Here’s a little fact that only me and maybe my Mother and Stepfather still remember. I chose to play the trumpet because of a musician named Andy “Day” Dziagwa the front man for a local Chicago polka band named the Ampol Aiers. My trumpet playing lasted the next 15 years or so and served me well.  I always enjoyed playing the horn and making people happy. It was just something about looking out in the audience and seeing people smile that made all the hours of practicing worthwhile. Also for a guy that sucked at sports being a horn player helped with the ladies. I even got paid for it from time to time playing weddings.  Still today the best way to get me to see a band is to tell me they have a horn section!


Now that I have completely bored you with a little history lesson I will try to get back on track with where this was going.  I am willing to guess that most everybody has at least one song that when they hear it all the fucked up shit in their life seems to just go away.  I personally have a few.  One is the Doobie Brothers “Give me the beat” others include just about any thing from any of O.A.R.s (Of A Revolution) live albums but to be specific “About an Hour ago” “Black Rock”  and “Crazy Game of Poker” which I happen to be listening to now as a challenge to see if I can write this before the version I’m listening to is over.  What is it about these songs that make me NOT want to completely cuss somebody out until they cry.  That’s a damn good question and I’m not a shrink so I don’t give a shit much past it does. If I had to take a guess you could ask 100 people that question and get 50-75 different answers. The important thing is it does. At the end of a crap day I get in the car and turn on whatever it is that I think is going to make things right. I turn it up as loud as I can and sing even louder. At some time during the intro something clicks in my head and any fucks I have left to give fly right out the window.   I don’t care what the stuck up dude in his fancy suit and nice car next to me thinks when he looks over and I’m wailing at the top of my longs so out of tune that Helen Keller is rolling over in her grave.  A part of me hopes he thinks it looks like fun and when he gets home he is going to do the same thing and thus his day gets better. I know I am not alone, I see people doing it all the time and every time I do I smile because I know their day is in the process of getting better. 


What’s better than blasting music in the car and sing like you don’t have a care in the world. Live music and in my opinion live music by non-corporate bands in small venues.  My opinion on where you should see a band differs from many. I personally hate going to Arena and stadium shows. To each there own and whatever puts you in front of live music do it!  For me I like it when bands are hungry to get their break. It seems they play to the audience more and have a stronger passion for it this si why I like lesser known bands. They also have a core group of fans that will follow them to the ends of the earth because they love their sound and not because their songs are in the top 40 repeat list and they are the cool thing to see.  As far as small venues go if you haven’t yet, just go see a show at 9:30 Club you can thank me later for seeing a show at one of, if not the best damn small indoor venues in the country.  It honestly might be the best thing Washington DC has to offer.


Part of starting this blog was to have something my wife and I could look back on at the end of the year so we never forget how fortunate we are to take part in some of the things we do.  Music is something that my wife and I do a lot together. I would guess we see about 15 concerts a year all across the country.  We are tracking to see the most shows to day in 2014. So you will probably see more and more concert reviews in the near future. I hope you like them because I like writing about them.


 “When my mind is free you know a melody can move me”


Now go hit play on your favorite music device and have fun.


Thanx for reading Talk to you soon.