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Proud to have you as a friend

I knew the moment I witnessed it I needed to write about it. I need the world to know or at least those who would read my ramblings to know how exactly I felt at that moment. I was about 45 minutes south of Dallas on a cool, crisp sunny March morning. I had just arrived at what would be my home for the next two days. Before I even got out of the Uber, I knew this was a big fucking deal. Giant company banners flanked the stone gated entry to this 1800-acre compound, Flags with the company's logo lined the long winding driveway leading to most elaborate and fancy barn I had ever seen. Upon entering I was surrounded by the companies' best products, huge banners hung from the rafters announcing the new products name and everyone was frenzied with activity. The room was alive with energy, and it all orbited around one person. This would be the venue for a significant milestone for a company trying to re-launch itself. A company seeking to reimage itself. A company trying to make its way into the American market against all odds. But that's not what I needed to write about. I have been to plenty of product launches over the years, all the pomp and circumstance that surrounds them helps build the excitement and sets the tone for how monumental the event is. I was more impressed by the person behind this event than I was for the event itself. The success of this event and this companies journey will 100% be based on the person they picked to lead them through this tumultuous journey. Though I am not 100% convinced they chose her as much as she made it, so she was the only logical choice for them. That brings me to the point of all this. As I stood in the middle of this vast barn next to a person who has become one of my guiding stars in life I was overcome with this feeling that I haven't felt since I watched my wife walk across a stage to grab her two master's degrees. In my eyes, this day was my friend's graduation.

Let me try to set the energy for this particular say. The room was abuzz, people were running around all over the place, Press flying in from all over the country, Schedules to coordinate and vendors to guide, senior leaders sat at a table taking calls and answering emails, staff was moving products and asking question after questions, On this day, the whole company was on her shoulders, and she carried that pressure with grit and confidence. You know that confidence that is just short of cocky. You know what I am talking about! If you are anything like me, you just sat back and said "Oh shit….this women is a force to be reckoned with" I am here to tell you she is. She has goals, and she isn't stopping for your bullshit. While I have known her for nearly a decade, we have only been close friends for about five years now. But what an amazing five years it has been. During this time I have seen the world throw some pretty ruthless shit at her, sometimes that shit has knocked her back, even knocked her down. But here she is still standing, and she is standing better off today than she ever has. She just doesn't know when to give up or give in; she doesn't know how to slow down and stop pushing forward. She also has the uncanny knack of seeing the positive when nobody else can. These are not traits you find in a lot of people. Especially in a world that wants instant gratification and constant reassurance of relevance That moment, you know the one I mentioned way back in the first sentence. That was the moment I was overcome with pride in my friend. I was so proud of her, and more so I was so honored to be her friend and to be able to witness this achievement. She endured when a lot of other people thought she would fail and some even hoped she would some even tried to make her fail. She believed in herself and her goals and was willing to take risks needed to achieve them. People don't need to be looking at athletes and actors for guidance on how to live. They just need to head to Milwaukee and have some coffee with her. She will help you figure it all out. She did for me.

If what they say about having a fulfilling life because of the people you are sounded by is true. My life is going to continually get better because the people around me inspire me to be better every day. Every one of them in different ways and at different times but all of them pushes me to do awesome shit! On this day my friend showed me that nothing is imposable if you believe in it 100%